Thursday, September 18, 2008

Good Morning, My name is Mary Mortensen, I live in Desert Hot Spring, Calif. This is my first time trying to blogg. My Daughter Mikki, got met interested. She lives in Las Veg. and have enjoyed reading hers and many ofthe comments made to her.
I am retaired from Kmart sure enjoy spending time with my family. I will tell you all about them later.
I have had four children and have nine grandchildren. They are 18 to 1 year old. All doing good. We dont get to see much of them, they all live else were. But when we can we visit them. Talk to them on the phone and email when possiple.
Have a good day. Mary

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Mikki said...

Hey mom, I think you need to change your font color--I think that's why we can't really see your post. Give me a call sometime, and I'll walk you through it. Love you lots! Hope you're having a nice weekend.